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Roscoe J. Robinson

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About Roscoe J. Robinson

Roscoe J. Robinson is a seasoned entrepreneur, minister, education consultant, public speaker, and strategist from Memphis, TN.  Roscoe is the president and founder of Roscoe Robinson Enterprises LLC, which provides education and resources to empower communities across the world. 

Roscoe is the author of the books " Get Your Fight Back" and 7 days of Affirmations to Get Your Fight Back. His books aim to restore hope to the weary.

Roscoe is talented at helping individuals discover their true purpose. One area he has been called to is to help entrepreneurial leaders overcome the fear of speaking to To make an impact and income. He also is a sought-after speaker, consultant, and coach who has traveled the world, positively impacting the people he encounters. 

He is most passionate about mentoring boys and young men, by telling his story of adversity and stressing the potential benefits of positive choices and good judgment. As a SEL specialist, Roscoe's programs have redefined traditional education by placing a strong emphasis on self-awareness, empathy, and interpersonal skills. Through tailored workshops, coaching sessions, and innovative curriculum development, he has sparked a profound shift in classrooms, enabling students to thrive academically and personally.

Further, he received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas San Antonio. His master's degree in education from Relay Graduate School of Education Memphis, TN. He received his ministerial credentials by graduating from Divine Life Institute. He has earned his certified Christian life coaching accreditation from Christian Coaching Alliance.

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